About Us

Our Vision

We make it simple for you to love your home. Expressing your personal style has never been easier.

Our Story

The Boulevard family is driven to help customers express their personal style and ultimately love their home. The Boulevard's DNA consists of our family (Montgomery locals) who want nothing more than to mix our love of home with a community we love just as much. Helping Montgomery love their homes and city even more is the heartbeat of our story.

Our mission is three-fold:

  1. We offer CHOICE in our products and services, helping customers love their homes - We help you tell your home's story.
  2. We build COMMUNITY with customers, collaborators and associates, connecting like-minded strangers through inspiration, conversation, events and activities. The Boulevard is a culture that inspires your personal style.
  3. We focus on TRANSPARENCY and honest business practices in everything we do, from the highest quality vendors to a level of serving our customers that wows!